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Cycle 1 (Infants 3 months ‐ 24 months)

Oasis Montessori Schools

A safe, nurturing and caring environment for infants.
Infants need safe spaces to grow and learn, at home and away from home. When your infant is in our care, we are committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment that meets your expectations and the needs of your child.
As your infant grows and changes – which happens on a daily basis at this stage – we make changes too, so development and learning unfolds naturally. We are delighted to share these moments with you as your child discovers the world around them.
Oasis offers age-appropriate toys and materials that get your infant thinking and moving. We use music and movement, cause-and-effect toys, singing songs and finger plays, exposure to soft block building and Storytime to help your infant learn at their pace.
Oasis introduces your infant to group activities to start building socialization skills. We provide group interactions and time for lots of love and attention to help your infant develop personal connections with peers and adults alike.
Oasis individualizes the care we give to your infant to nurture trust and self-esteem. We encourage partnership with parents to understand what is most important to your family and tailor your infant’s experience accordingly.
Oasis shows you evidence that your infant is developing because of the activities we offer. We teach standards-based curriculum that has been shown to help infants learn age-appropriate lessons to help them succeed more advanced learning exercises they will engage in when become older.

Cycle 2 (Toddlers 24 months to 36 months)

Oasis Montessori Schools

Our Toddler Program is the ideal introduction for your 18 months old to the Montessori curriculum, right up until they are ready for our Cycle 3 class at 3 years. It is also a wonderful opportunity for parents to have a hands-on experience of the Montessori philosophy of education in action!
Children and parents are usually thrilled and excited alike when they first enter our beautiful Toddler classroom, and discover that it contains only child-­sized furniture and activities that match the size of the children and their stages of development.

The children are immediately comfortable, as all work is set out in such a way that children can use the materials with the minimum of Teacher’s assistance. The adults are pleased to see the pride their children take in achieving tasks by themselves. The result is children who become enthusiastic learners and who approach each new problem and situation with energy, excitement and a sense of “self ­belief”.
The Toddler Program works across the 5 curriculum areas of Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Language and Culture.
Is the Toddler Program the same as a Playgroup?
Unlike playgroups, which usually provide purely social opportunities for child, the Toddler Program is an enjoyable two hours specifically designed to cater for the child’s urge towards independence and to develop faith in their own capabilities.
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Cycle 3 (36 months to 4 years)

Oasis Montessori Schools

Our Cycle 3 classrooms give your children everything they need to create an ordered foundation to build their future.

Cycle 3 is for children aged 3 to 4 years and takes your child through to the end of what is equivalent to kindergarten in many other schools. Children at this age are engaged in what Maria Montessori called ‘a process of self-­construction’ ­ they are keenly observing the world around them and absorbing knowledge and experience at an enormous rate.

They go through what we call ‘sensitive periods’, which can be thought of as windows of opportunity for a child when they are interested in particular aspects of their environment to the exclusion of all others. These aren’t chosen at random by the child; they are driven by an inner need for development. You may notice this yourself in your child as they show an intense interest in repeating certain activities or actions at length for no obvious reason.

The Cycle 3 classroom is carefully designed to harness this huge potential for self-development children have at this age. Materials from across our six main Cycle 3 curriculum areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Science and Culture are laid out in a logical, orderly fashion; for example, from left to right, from top to bottom, at the appropriate height etc. These materials are designed to attract the children to touch, explore and choose the work that they are most receptive to, and thus best able to absorb, at that point in time. Everything in the environment is there for a particular purpose or, in several cases, a multitude of purposes.

Our teachers are skilled at finding the balance between allowing children to take the maximum advantage of these sensitive periods while ensuring that they spend an appropriate amount of time developing in each curriculum area; Language, Math, Science, Practical Life, Sensorial and Culture. Please explore the Picture gallery to learn more about some of our classroom materials.

Cycle 4 (Ages 4 – 5 years)

Oasis Montessori Schools

On entry to Cycle 4, your child is on a journey of continuum to the end of Cycle 3. The Montessori approach does not change between the Cycle 3 and Cycle 4 but there are different expectations of the child at the different ages. As your child nears the end of Cycle 3, the teacher will comment on how your child has consolidated their learning after repeated presentations of their lessons. This consolidation is vital as your child steps up into Cycle 4. On the physical side, your child is becoming stronger as childhood illnesses are past, adult teeth are growing in and they gain height. On the social and emotional side, appearance is less important to your child and the good manners seen in Cycle 3 take a back seat for the children who are suddenly becoming more extroverted. They want to be with other children and form rules within the group. Once involved in group work, your child has the opportunity to view and begin to understand the contributions and strengths of individuals. Teamwork and the roles within the group are defined as the children divide tasks based on strengths. All these changes are well understood by our Cycle 4 teachers, and they present the lessons and work with the students accordingly.

History and pre-history are incredibly fascinating to your child at this stage. This interest is the basis for expanding reading and writing skills. The knowledge of the grammar symbols first introduced in Cycle 3 is now used to assist their writing style in Cycle 4. The interconnections between the concepts introduced to your child in their early years allows them to easily build on this previous knowledge. Their interest in history also includes stories such as that of the Ancient Greeks. The focus on what our predecessors discovered leads to exploration of mathematical theorems and concepts. Cycle 4 is an exciting time for everyone. Please see the picture gallery for more information on specific elements of the Cycle 4 classroom.