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Montessori vs Traditional Preschool

Method of learning:

In traditional schools, kids follow the teachers, and learn as the teachers teach them. Kids memorize by listening passively to the teacher and then give test for their memory. Whereas in Montessori school, kids are free to learn by own their own.

Role of teachers:

Traditionally, teachers play the main role for the kids to learn. Teachers are made responsible to make a student study as per the school curriculum, on the other side, our Montessori School let teachers to just act like a guide and guardian for the kids. The Montessori teachers help the children to figure out and deal with real life activities from which the children learn by themselves.

Traditionally teachers deliver the same lessons or perform same activity to all the children. However, in Montessori education system, the teachers analyze every student’s abilities and needs and then every kid is been assisted as per his own learning curve.

Environment at school:

School environment in traditional schools are teacher centric. All activities, games and learning are done by all the students as per teacher’s wish and understanding. But in case of Montessori Schools, school class rooms are filled with Montessori materials that are appropriate for particular age groups and everyone can utilize these materials for self-understanding and creativity which allow every kid to learn and grasp things and concepts  at his/her own pace.

Age groups:

In Montessori Schools, the age groups are flexible which helps the child to be comfortable with children of all ages. It helps your kid to get smarter by learning things quickly from his friends who are elder to him and by teaching younger mates which in turn boost their confidence, where as in traditional preschools the children are assigned to classrooms based on their age which restrict them to learn from each other.

Self-Made Self-Esteem:

In Montessori schools, kids are not interfered by the teachers so they do activities by themselves, and learn to cherish their accomplishments. This builds up a strong sense of self-esteem in these kids. Whereas in traditional preschools, kids only follow the teacher’s instructions and are influenced by external judgments so that the self-esteem is tough to attain for a kid.

Hunger for Learning:

In traditional preschools, the child is forced to learn and prepare for tests and grades. Children study or learn things because they are mandatory, however in Montessori schools, we create hunger for a child to learn. The Montessori curricula is intend to make child eager for learning and discover new things for him/herself which is the true meaning for education.

Non-competitive learning

The Montessori schools are based on the formula where all children can perform as per their own pace of learning and achieving and generate a genuine interest for materials and skills, whereas traditional schools create competition among children on the basis of grades and prices which is never healthy for a kid in his/her early growing phase.

However the goal of both Montessori and traditional preschools is the same : to make child learn in the best possible way but the biggest difference is between the experiences the child will have while accomplishing this goal.